Remembering Who is Who on Earth Day, from That Golden Shore

April 23, 2021.J.D. Kleinke.0 Likes.0 Comments
Happy Earth Day, from That Golden Shore…
     “I would run by her what I’d come up with after countless days and nights and weeks in the mountains and out in the desert, alone, thinking not about “God” per se, but about what I’ve come to call the Presence, what I’ve always sensed all around me when I was alone in the wilderness. I’d tell her how the Presence is nowhere more intensely present than above treeline, at the top of a mountain, with all of creation spread out before me; or at the very bottom of a desert canyon, with all of Time, or at least all earth-time revealed to scale above me; or pouring in off the ocean, in pulsing waves of consciousness beyond my consciousness, crashing in on a big empty beach to match the actual waves at my feet.
      “I’d tell her about how most anywhere I go where it is wild and beautiful and expansive, where the world dissolves and the planet takes over, I can find the Presence, in about five minutes of sitting still and listening…
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